Story of Chez Dduk

Why Chez Dduk?


In Korea, dduk-jip is what we call a place that makes and sells dduk.
Jip means home, house, or place of.
A lot of places in Korea are referred to as -jip. Gogi-jip is a restaurant that sells Korean BBQ (or in Korea, just BBQ), and gogi means meat. Sool-jip is a place that serves alcohol, sool means alcohol.

Our house is oori-jip; oori means our/we.


Chez? The French word chez is one which has a similar meaning, feeling and nuance to the word jip in Korean.


Welcome, to the place of dduk, the house of dduk.

  - Chez Dduk


Whether you have tried dduk before, or trying it for the first time, come on a journey of taste and texture. Some of the tastes will be traditional, some will be inventive and surprising, even for Koreans!.

Explore interesting, diverse, adventurous tastes with an open mind and taste-buds.

Try something new, something different, discover the new.

Come on a journey, without even leaving London.

Taste Korea Here.

Eat what you love

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I loved dduk growing up, and even more as I began to appreciate the huge variety, flavours, and interpretations from each dduk-jip. And understanding and appreciating the dedication from the makers getting up in the dead of night to make dduk fresh for the morning for people to enjoy, just like bakers.

When I go back to Korea I always spend a lot of time finding and going to new dduk-jips to try, always wanting to try everything they have! Each place has their own take on each type of dduk, and I wanted to be surprised, taken on a journey, and enjoy!

There are dduk-jips that have passed recipes through generations and decades, making dduk for everyone.

There are artisan places that make higher quality dduk using better, more dear ingredients and combining interesting flavours.

The dduk in the UK were either packaged, long shelf life, not fresh ones with a very long ingredient list (if you know what I mean!). Or they weren't as well made, artisanal, or interesting, or varied.

Steaming dduk2

Being the foodie, cook and gastro-adventurer that I am, I started making my own! It took a lot of time, energy, research and trials and errors.

I could have dduk all the time! And my friends liked it too!

But a lot of people I knew couldn't. And a lot of people didn't even know dduk existed!

And I want to share. Share my nostalgia, the dduk that gives me joy, the experience of something new, interesting,  a taste of Korea all the way here.

Thus, Chez Dduk was steamed up.

Taste Korea Here


The recipes are based tradition with emphasis on great taste, quality, creativity and exploration, sometimes a little playful! 

Handmade using ingredients that will naturally give great taste.

No shortcuts. 

No flavourings to compensate for bad tasting ingredients.

No colourings to make something that is not.

Nothing is perfect, and new, better ways of doing things are always being tried to bring better and better tastes.

Each dduk has been carefully thought and curated to each bring certain tastes of Korea here, reminiscent of back home, yet creative, interesting and thought-provoking, even for Koreans.

Taste the flavours of Korea such as dried persimmon, sesame seeds, yuja, dechu, roasted soy flour, and much, much more.

There will be traditional ones, and interesting, unlikely combinations.

Seasonal dduks will combine the traditional tastes of Korean dduk with creative flavours.

Look out for these limited editions!