Injullmi ​인절미

Injullmi ​인절미


Chewy dduk covered in roasted soya bean powder, very slightly sweet, with a rich flavour!
Made out of rice, healthy and comforting treat.


Popular Korean dduk (rice cake) snack & dessert.


Injullmi is one of the most popular dduks in Korea. It is seen everywhere! Markets, neighbourhood dduk-jips, department stores, artisan makers.


During festive or celebration times in Korea large orders of gift sets, and queues to order and pick up are a very common sight.


The dduk is covered in roasted soybean powder, and has a rich, mild flavour with a hint of sweetness.


A very Korean hint of the citrus fruit yuja is added to give a light, zesty taste to contrast roasty flavour.

All natural ingredients, nothing artificial. Let the ingredients speak their flavour. The only salt used is Himalayan pink salt.


All ingredients are plant-based and they naturally do not have gluten, or nuts.


Just in case you are very sensitive to certain allergens, they are made in a kitchen that cannot guarantee free from allergens.


Please eat on the day, or it will go dry and hard. If it has, try microwaving it for 10 seconds, or oven for a 10 minutes to soften it up, and let it cool back down.


Sharing tastes of my home that I love. Giving you the chance to taste it too, without flying all the way to Korea.


Comes in a box that can make it a great little gift, or a K-alternative to birthday cup/cakes.

Keep it in plain sight, where you can see it easily. Then it'll be gone in no time, and you can enjoy some more!

If you're not having it straight away, keep it airtight.

If you're not going to eat it on the day or the day after, you can freeze it. When thawing, make sure to let it thaw naturally at room temperature and it's ready to be enjoyed once it's at room temperature.

It will harden up if it's kept outside for too long, a few days. If it has there are still many ways to enjoy it!

Give it a whiz in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and let it slightly cool down.

Pan fry it, either dry, or with a little bit of oil and you'll get a nice, crispy snack. Bake it in the oven for a similar effect.

In fact, try those anyways! It's another way to eat it, and a good one!