Our Mission

Korean gastronomy

Bringing it here

I want to share and let people know, experience and taste the flavours and dedication of artisan producers of Korea.



By eating and sharing Chez Dduk, you are experiencing Korean culture, and you are being a part of the wave that helps to bring artisan, traditional, high-quality Korean gastronomy to the UK.

Being a part of bringing new tastes, flavors, experiences to the UK, for those who didn't know they even existed.

Dduk, the snack and dessert, is just the beginning.



Festive Setting

For our planet

Food waste - We hate waste. Food waste is a big one. As a society, we waste a huge proportion of the food that is produced, a lot of which is edible.

At Chez Dduk, we do our very best to make sure as little food is wasted.

Packaging - It pains us. We are really trying to not have single-use packaging, but right now this is what's possible. An alternative is really being looked into. Please bear with it.

For the moment, we use:

  • Pasta straws from Stroodles! Straws made entirely out of pasta! Holds strong for an hour, biodegradable, edible! Check out Stroodles @stroodles_straws on how they want to save the Earth, one straw at a time.

  • Compostable plant-based PLA cups from Vegware.

Delivery - We try and use walking, bikes and electric vehicles for couriers wherever possible. Always looking to do better and more!

Thank you for helping and being part of this.

And even if you don't care about it, at least it's not doing any harm!

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