Taste of Korea

Right here

Chez Dduk brings traditional Korean delicacy snacks and desserts to London. 

I want to share tastes of my home that I love. Give you the chance to taste it too, without flying all the way to Korea!

Authentic, traditional Korean snacks. Made by a Korean, using Korean recipes.

All natural ingredients, nothing artificial. Let the ingredients speak their flavours.

Just happens to be plant-based and gluten-free.

I want to give more people the chance to taste some of the hidden gems of Korean gastronomy, such as dduk, which is also called tteok or rice cake.

Join in! Be part of spreading Korean gastronomy, culture and history!

I missed it, being away from home. I started making it myself, for me, and my friends, and they loved it too!

It's something that I really want to share with more of you, so you don't have to miss out!

Each imbued with flavours from Korea. Right here in London.

For you, to share, or gift.

Order online for next day delivery, or later, using our partner couriers. All orders are picked up and delivered that day for maximum freshness. London only at the moment, but please get in touch!

Also on Deliveroo and UberEats!

Most importantly, it's tasty, and now you can taste Korea here.

All natural ingredients. Nothing artificial. No artificial sweeteners, no flavourings. The only type of salt used is is Himalayan pink salt.

All our packaging is recyclable or compostable. We use straws made entirely out of pasta, because let's face it, those paper ones are a bit flimsy! Not only are they biodegradable, they're also edible!

Doing our bit for the environment.

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